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At Ledgeview Dental Care we know that the prospect of having dental work completed can bring on feelings of nervousness and even anxiety. Sometimes this is the product of a negative experience in the past or simply apprehension that the experience will be uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible to make those feelings of anxiety a thing of the past.

Please see below for amenities and techniques we are proud to offer our patients in our quest to build long-term relationships through positive, stress-free experiences. Please let us know if any of the following amenities might make your appointment better.


Chilled or Room Temp - Your Choice


Noise Canceling - Pair with Your Phone and Enjoy


Pick Your Favorites Tunes!

Weighted blanket

To Keep Your Warm and Cozy

Comfortable Pillow

Relax Those Tense Muscles During Your Visit

Massage pillow

Relax Those Tense Muscles During Your Visit

Items below must be requested prior to appointment

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing Gas to Help You Relax


Bring on the Dreams While We Work

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